Post-Conference Day

Wednesday 23rd August 2023

9:00 am Registration & Networking

Series 1 - Workflow Integration

Series 2 - Project Applications

10:00 am Workshop A

Effectively Managing Change to Improve the Integration of Workflows & Standardization of Processes

  • Dominic Linares Project Controls Manager, Truebeck Construction
  • Justin Porter Director of Construction Technology & Innovation, Truebeck Construction


• Mapping the process change of introducing a new tool to understand the extent of disruption it will have company-wide 

• Engaging end-users in this process to ensure new processes are fully documented and quality of data is maintained 

• Developing a robust knowledge management and employee engagement program to support change management at all levels

10:00 am Workshop B

Leveraging Prefabrication Plans Inside the Model to Ensure Alignment Between the Product & Project Lifecycles

  • Scot Lauwasser Senior Manager - Virtual Design & Construction, The Boldt Company


• Considering the way your model is set up to enable prefabrication, including elements such as naming conventions and ways of splitting models up or the use of repeatable components 

• Optimizing the transfer of the design and engineering model into the fabrication system in order to accelerate the product schedule and create cost efficiency 

• Ensuring input from the field early on in model development in order to review the model for construction and its alignment with the production strategy

12:00 pm Lunch Break

1:00 pm Workshop C

Optimizing Your Data Management Strategy to Better Gather, Share & Report Data Internally

  • Brant Fischer Senior Project Solutions Manager, Messer Construction Co.


• Differentiating between the author and the consumer of data in order to redefine and optimize workflows 

• Revealing the why behind collecting data and the clear goals it helps fulfill to reduce the creation of digital waste and better identify what processes need to be digitized 

• Ensuring that your data is machine readable as well as humanly comprehensive and consumable in any tool 

1:00 pm Workshop D

Evaluating the ROI of Field Tools vs. Project Outcomes


• Ensuring that newly introduced technology tools are being used as intended at the jobsite

• Assessing the intended vs. actual use and performance of tools both throughout and at the end of each project

• How do you adjust field training based on the feedback collected during the project in order to enhance the use of a specific tool?

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Workshop E

Addressing Cross-Platform Interoperability Challenges to Ease Collaboration & Eliminate Duplication of Work


• Defining individual project member requirements, capabilities, and additional investment required early on to enhance platform interoperability 

• Discussing the extent to which data can be democratized on a project team level and what that data is 

• Exploring the main connections that can be made between software solutions used by different project partners in order to ensure a more seamless flow of information 

3:30 pm Workshop F

Harnessing Technology to Enhance Quality in the Field & Ultimately Improve Project Outcomes


• Exploring how field technologies can identify potential risks and discrepancies at the jobsite before you encounter them 

• Optimizing tracking for quality incidents and documenting any defects or changes in the field in order to thoroughly inform both the GC and the next subcontractor 

• Discussing how the client can monitor the use of tools for proactive QA/QC throughout the project

5:30 pm End of Workshop Day