Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, August 22 2022

Improving Interoperability

10:00 am
Workshop A: Integrating Data Across Multiple Platforms to Drive the Future Decision Making

  • Darren Young Director of Construction Technology, University Mechanical Contractors


Getting data into the hands of the right people proves more difficult than it sounds. With so many innovative platforms out there but with no standardized way to share and input data, it’s safe to say that hours are wasted on manual data entry. To overcome this challenge and help enhance productivity within your organization, this session will be focused on:

  • Finding ways to bridge the gap between data input to different platforms to ensure all individuals within your organization are able to access the right information, at the right time, while minimizing time wasted on repeat manual data entry
  • Developing descriptive analytics which can be stored to utilize throughout your whole workflow, identifying business assets and information throughout the whole life cycle of a project
  • Training all members of your workflow to successfully input, extract and understand the data shared

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

1:00 pm
Workshop B: Building More Robust In-House Analytics Capabilities & Strategies to Improve Transparency over Project Services


As a process which is unique to each organization, it can be difficult knowing where to begin when building an analytics team and strategy. Which data do you set out to collect and how do you leverage it for future decisions? Once you’ve established this, it can be a challenge figuring out how to integrate the data and ensure proper storage and accessibility for your entire workflow.

To get some clarity on how to best develop your strategy, this workshop will bring leaders together to discuss:

  • Mapping out the role of an analytics team and how this can enable the collection and integration of the right data for your organization
  • Discussing the trigger point for investment in a more robust data strategy and resourcing to maximize knowledge and insights from data already collected
  • Exploring what true connectivity of that data looks like and assessing how you can select tools more strategically with data integration in mind
  • Mapping how you can create a robust system for the collection, integration, and storage of data to begin driving informed decision making across your organization

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm
Workshop C: Integrating New Technologies into Your Existing Technology Stack to Reduce Inefficiencies for End Users

  • Alex Belkofer VDC Director, McCarthy Building Companies
  • David Burns Vice President - Emerging Technology & Project Delivery, McCarthy Building Companies


Whilst the rapidly growing technology landscape expands every day, the ability to connect technologies remains a struggle. With confusion over data ownership, obstructions in workflows and a lack of efficiency, this is a crucial painpoint for all organizations. To learn whether to take that leap of faith and decide if building an analytics strategy is the right choice for you, we will be connecting leaders to consider:

  • Selecting technologies with interoperability in mind. How can you assess the interconnectedness of tools and plan for a smooth transition of data across departments and stakeholders?
  • Mapping out how we have begun to make the most pressing integrations to break down silos and make workflows more seamless across the organization
  • Discussing how this translates across project stakeholders. Mapping out the different platforms used by each stakeholder and understanding how these can link to build a plan for seamless integration upfront
  • Exploring cloud capabilities as the potential solution to the issue of interoperability, and what that may mean for the IT infrastructure required in-house to support the right security and maintenance