About Event

Aligning Technology & Operations Teams to Maximize ROI of Technology Adoption

The 7th annual Advancing Construction Technology is an unparalleled opportunity for you to get to grips with how leading contractors are utilizing the latest in construction technology and the challenges and successes encountered on the way.

You are guaranteed to walk away with actionable insights to optimize your own technology strategy, by utilizing BIM and sharing project information seamlessly, as well as by maximizing the ROI of the best tools and effectively leveraging them in the field.

Why should you attend? If you are…



…focusing your efforts on Building Information Modeling, you will discover the main implications that influence the development and optimization of the BIM model and ultimately improve your BIM coordination process. Enhance jobsite interpretation of the model and its effective translation into the field by leveraging solutions such as AR & VR technologies and digital twins.


…coordinating the Virtual Design and Constructionactivity of your company, you will have the opportunity to improve collaboration and coordination between all stakeholders involved in the project lifecycle, from design all the way through to project delivery. Bridge the gap between the field and your VDC team to advance installation and accuracy onsite.


…actively engaged as a Field Technology leader, explore the practical applications of field tools revolutionizing and enhancing productivity and accuracy on the jobsite. Join us to optimize your approach to data capture, monitor onsite progress and improve quality of work in place, to name a few.


…a Technology and Innovation leader you will gain actionable insights on fostering an innovation culture, consolidating the infrastructure of your tech stack, and taking the steps to introduce cutting-edge tools to your program. Maximize your internal resources and capabilities, while also exploring emerging technologies to future-proof your organization.