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9.00 Check-In, Refreshments & Networking

Series 1:
General Contractors

Series 2: Revolutionizing Construction With Technology & Data

Enhancing the Management of Trade Partners

Enhancing the Management of Trade Partners

10.00 Creating an Effective Logistics Plan for Optimal Trade Partner Coordination to Ensure Successful Project Outcomes

Everything begins with a well-crafted plan. This workshop is here to guide you through the early stages of process planning so you can work hand-in-hand with trade partners to establish efficient processes and optimize their workflow for seamless coordination.

• Developing a model implementation plan to streamline the communication process between general contractors, trade partners, and the design team
• Centralizing modeling practice onto a single platform to ensure open communication with trade partners
• Evaluating the results of modeling and sequencing for efficient and controlled installations
• Implementing role-based tracking and segmentation to tailor the initials plans to them responsibilities of trade partners

Kevin Wanner, VDC Manager, Turner Construction

10.00 Evaluating Robotics for Work-Assist & Printing Layout to Save Time & Produce High Levels of Accuracy

Construction layouts are undergoing a transformative shift, thanks to robotic printers. This technology is not just saving considerable time but is also addressing the
inefficiencies associated with traditional layout methods. In this workshop, explore the full spectrum of cits capabilities, ROI, and ensure accurate installation from the model to the field.

• Exploring how specific robotic printing and work assist solutions increase the speed, safety, and accuracy of layout tasks or installation work
• Discussing the cost-effectiveness and ROI associated with implementing these technologies
• Coordinating alignment between the model controls system, the site control system, and the different teams involved to ensure precise installation in the field
• Integrating robotic printing solutions with BIM for an accurate and seamless layout process
• Discussing robot work assist solutions from problem identification through development to deployment and continuous improvement

Bill Mazzetti, Senior Vice President, Rosendin Electric

12.00 Lunch

1.00 Collecting & Providing Valuable Data From Your Trade Partners to Drive Transparency

In this industry, working in silos can lead to inefficiencies, hindering the overall progress of projects. Trade contractors play a crucial role in project success and it’s essential to stay informed about field developments and document their progress for successful project outcomes. This workshop will delve into the importance of real-time data sharing.

• Understanding the potential value of project data to help trade partners fulfil their tasks more efficiently
• Identifying specific problem statements of trade partners and other project partners to provide data that will be valuable to them to improve the quality of their work
• Determining what data to collect during various project lifecycle stages and exploring the various tools used for data collection
• Ensuring data is accurate, up-to-date, and can be accessed by the field team in real time

Tomislav Zigo, Chief Technology Officer, Clayco 

1.00 Leveraging Augmented Reality for Installation to Minimize Revisions & Time Spent

As AR technology develops, we are starting to see more innovative uses, enhancing precision and efficiency, reducing rework. This workshop will explore current AR tools and how you can ensure accurate installation in the field with AR.

• Evaluating how AR produces a visual overlay in real-time to guide trade partners during installation
• Incorporating AR into the installation process to prevent errors and deviations from the coordinated model, ensuring the accurate installation of building components
• Investigating specific examples of AR implementations to visualize and understand project components in a tangible and efficient manner
• Benchmarking available AR technologies to determine the best option for your projects

Tam Nguyen, Senior Innovation Engineer, BNBuilders 

3.00 Afternoon Refreshments

Enhancing the Management of Trade Partners

Revolutionizing Construction With Technology & Data

3.30 Upskilling the Technology Proficiency of Your Trade Partners to Improve the Quality of Their Work

To elevate the success of your projects, collaborating with technologically proficient trade partners is crucial to enhance project excellence and overall industry advancement.

This workshop delves into strategies to bridge that technology gap and obtain valuable feedback from trade partners regarding the impact of technology on their workflows.

• Identifying strategies to bridge the technology gap among trade partners, ensuring that even smaller entities can integrate advanced tools effectively
• Exploring methods for leveling up the capabilities of small to mid-sized trade partners
• Raising awareness of how successful collaboration between trade partners, general contractors, and technology groups impact project outcomes to encourage technology adoption
• Incentivizing and encouraging transparency from trade partners on the time-saving benefits resulting from new technologies

Roy Malcom, VDC Leader, DPR Construction

Dustin Ridley, VDC Leader, DPR Construction

3.30 Generating Installation Metrics From Onsite Data to Track & Enhance Project Progress

This workshop will specifically address the critical aspects of acquiring and utilizing data during the installation phase to guarantee precision. It will guide you into understanding the specific types of data essential in your operation and shed light on the various tools designed for collecting on-site data.

• Establishing financial, labor, and material metrics of installed work to track installation progress
• Acquiring and integrating data from your construction management system during installation
• Conducting a gap analysis to identify the essential requirements for achieving accurate data acquisition
• Discussing the tools used to collect and manage data on the jobsite to improve the accuracy and efficiency of installation works

Akira Togawa, Senior Director of Business Automation & Intelligence, Harris Company

5.30 End of Workshop Day