8:10 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Strengthening Your Team to Maximise on Innovation Opportunities

8:20 am Investing Time & Resource in Effective Change Management to Prevent Technology Overload & Ensure Agility for Ongoing Innovation

  • Randee Herrin Senior Vice President Construction Technologies & Manufacturing, TDIndustries


  • Exploring how you can address people alignment, process change and technology transformation in a timely and cost efficient manner
  • Understanding the needs of different teams when it comes to new tools to adapt implementation accordingly, without compromising quality standards
  • Discussing how technology leaders are building and sustaining technology champions to reinforce the value of technology company-wide

9:00 am Introducing the Tech-Savvy Field Worker: How do You Build More Effective Training Programs to Effectively Upskill & Commit to New Tools?


  • Assessing the current use of new tools: why don’t some field workers feel confident in embracing new tools and how do you build a strategy to change that?
  • Establishing a basic understanding of 3D models and the ways platforms work together in the field to fill the gaps in technology proficiency
  • Investing time and resource into building an effective training program that does not overload workers, yet upskills the entire team as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Motivating less experienced staff by championing them as the next generation of field technology experts, creating life-long learners

9:40 am Speed Up the Decision-Making Process Using Real-time Workforce Data from the Field


  • Real-time tracking of workforce actuals against forecasted manpower
  • Quickly identify where people are located on site during evacuations for accountability

10:10 am Morning Refreshments

Track 1

Enhancing Trade Contractor Alignment

10:50 am Improving Coordination Between Trade Contractors to Enable More Advanced Model Development


  • Evaluating the characteristics required by project partners for successful BIM coordination: How can we ensure trust andalignment across trade  partners to succeed from day one?
  • Mapping out best practices for coordination and clash resolution to enhance the level of detail in the model and enable advanced applications such as prefabrication
  • Discussing the common challenges in coordination and how can these be resolved collaboratively
  • Ensuring the effective documentation of design changes which occur during the project life cycle to ensure everyone stays on the same page at all times

11:30 am Establishing Technology Workflows to More Effectively Track Material Movement & Enhance Transparency of Project Progress

  • Abhishek Kumar Director - Product, Technology & Innovation, Sanveo Inc.


  • Benchmarking various technologies that can be used to track materials and inventory more effectively from warehouse or facility to jobsite
  • Building a database to effectively collate this information and ensure ease of real-tie asset location
  • Discussing how we can use technology to better communicate installation requirements of various materials to the field
  • Exploring the common issues experienced with inventory management and how these may be more effectively tackled in the coming years

Track 2

Getting Innovative Tools into the Field

10:50 am Case Study: Utilizing Computer Vision to Track Jobsite Safety and Productivity

  • Katie Wood Innovation Engineer, Turner Construction Company


  • Understanding how cameras and computer vision tools can be used to alert potential hazards that may happen
  • Overcoming the mindset that these tools are invasive by effectively demonstrating the safety benefits
  • Revealing ways to utilize data you have already collated using computer vision to make more proactive decisions around safety and productivity on the jobsite

11:30 am Case Study: Leveraging AR/VR to Effectively Verify Work in Place

  • Ben Ferrer Director of VDC, Turner Construction Company


  • Mapping how you can more effectively overlay imagery captured using AR/VR tools to the model to verify work in place
  • Getting the tool into the hands of the field worker: How can we make AR and VR applications seem less daunting and easy to use for our Superintendents?
  • Evaluating the accuracy of the tool and what more needs to happen before we can scale up adoption of this technology

Track 3

Navigating the Rapidly Growing Technology Landscape

10:50 am Building a Business Case to Secure Buy-In & Establish a More Robust R&D Strategy for Your Firm

  • Rob Sloyer Vice President – Innovation & Strategic Services, Kast Construction


  • Discussing the people, process and investment changes that must be made to better embrace innovation within your organization
  • Building the business case to persuade senior management of the increased value strategic innovation would offer, despite the risk of investment failures along the way
  • Exploring ways to effectively innovate without the big budget price tag
  • Assessing how technology leaders can be coaches of innovation and best inspire new ways of thinking, collaboration, and resilience to failure to maintain an openness to innovation

11:30 am Technology Showcase


Join us as we spotlight some of the most exciting, cutting edge tools coming to market to help contractors take their operations to the next level. Get hands on, ask questions, and understand the reality of how their solution can help you.

12:10 pm Lunch Break

Achieving Technology Agility

1:40 pm Panel: How are Trade Contractors Staying Agile to Different Workflows & Technology Stacks?

  • Chris Weaver Director of Technology, Andy J Egan Co.
  • Adam S. Davis VDC Project Manager, Miller Electric Company
  • Luther Lampkin Director of Construction Technology & Innovation, RG Construction
  • Jeff Elwell Director of Innovation and Technology, EM Duggan


  • Benchmarking the common tools used by trade contractors that can more easily integrate with multiple systems and reduce time spent in establishing workflow with new clients
  • Revealing the ways in which general contractors can be more flexible with their technology requirements for trade partners, without compromising on standards
  • Underlining support needed by less advanced teams to adopt new tools: How can general contractors and trades better communicate and manage change across the project lifecycle?

The True Value of Robotics

1:10 pm 3D Scan With Your Phone and the viDoc RTK Rover


  • Safe measurement methods
  • Obtaining accurate point measurements
  • Measuring obstructed points

1:40 pm Benchmarking Pilot Use Cases for Robotics to Determine the True ROI Potential in Construction


  • Evaluating the most promising use cases for robotics to revolutionize the way you build
  • Delving into various pilot applications for execution of work, layout & printing and surveying, and evaluating the measurable value of each to determine potential scale opportunities
  • Revealing where we have begun to invest in scale and what more needs to be done to expand this use case across more teams and projects

Sustaining Innovation

1:40 pm Panel: Identifying the Most Promising Tools in the Ever-Growing Technology Landscape to Futureproof Your Organization

  • Austin Garcia BIM Technology Manager, NV2A Group
  • Andy Leek Vice President of Technology & Innovation, Paric Corporation
  • Rob Sloyer Vice President – Innovation & Strategic Services, Kast Construction
  • Jonas Neihoff Director of Innovation & Strategic Initiatives, Beltline


  • Investigating which tools teams are finding most value in to inform your future investment
  • Ensuring that whilst technology is advancing, the knowledge within your firm is also advancing to maximize on innovation opportunities
  • Sharing ideas on the future of technology and the most promising tools coming down the pipeline: how can you plan to set your firm up for success?

2:20 pm Afternoon Refreshments

The Owner’s Perspective on New Tools

2:50 pm Audience Discussion: Building the Business Case to Get Owners More Invested in R&D On Their Projects & Achieve Buy In


  • Mapping out a detailed plan for technology with full costs up front to give the owner full transparency over team recommendations
  • Enhancing communication with owners and clients to justify the implementation of emerging technologies on their projects
  • Investigating the ways to overcome common resistance points and secure full buy in and investment

3:30 pm Panel: Understanding What Owners Want in The Future When it Comes to Technology Adoption to Provide Them with the Highest Quality Tools & Services

  • Tom Henning Director of Construction Management, Westminster Canterbury Richmond
  • Michael DuLaney BIM Manager, UC Health
  • Zahra Ghorbani BIM Manager, The Pennsylvania State University Office of Physical Plant


  • Understanding critical owner pain points and frustrations when it comes to technology adoption on their projects
  • Discussing the most interesting tools coming down the pipeline to enhance planning, design and construction
  • Marrying clients, designers, and contractors into a single workflow: What more needs to change around BIM standards, contracting and collaboration to enable vast improvements in the adoption of technology across the project lifecycle?

4:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:20 pm End of Day Two